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    The Office of the Auditor-General, Kenya (OAG), was recognised for ...

Accountability of public resources

We have optimised absorption of funds and effective execution of our development budget

The Office of the Auditor General (OAG) strives to ensure that we sustain our excellent level of delivery by initiating development projects geared atoptimizing our performance....


The past few months have seen the roll-out of transformative programmes within the Office. We delivered the Garissa Regional Office late last year within a record 13 months at a modest cost of Ksh 160 million. Within the same period, we automated the audit process through the adoption and launch of TeamMate auditing software; which ushered a new phase in the history of OAG.

Through the delivery of these projects, we have demonstrated the capacity of OAG to effectively utilise development funds, with a near 100 per cent absorption rate. This has been a result of good planning and diligence by the concerned project teams. Our performance on timely delivery of projects is a solid statement that OAG is competing and matching reputable organisations in providing a conducive work environment for its staff.

Nonetheless, we shall continue to seek more funds to meet our growing needs as OAG sustains efficient and effective utilisation of allocated budget. It is in that context that we seek more land to construct additional regional offices, while at the same time providing staff with modern tools of work.

 More requirements and attention for Counties

More accountability requirements by Counties has seen increased requests for special audits. This has put a strain on our already limited resources. In order to manage the expenditure and the cost of auditing in the long run, we have plans to construct regional headquarters so that staff are near the areas where services are demanded most. This will ensure timely audits, availability of staff for advisory services, and adequate support to County Assemblies as they deliberate on audit reports for County Governments.

 Current development projects

To help us realise our long term goal of presence in each County, we have allocated funds for establishment of regional offices this financial year. First on line has been the construction of the Kakamega Regional Office to serve the western Kenya. The building is 70 per cent complete.

 We have also initiated the construction of Eldoret Regional Office to serve the North Rift Counties.

Despite experiencing budgetary constraints, we plan to undertake several other projects in the near future. We already own land at UpperHill, Nairobi, for the construction of our head Office. We continue to seek funds for the development of this landmark project.

 Training Centre of excellence

Human capital is the most important resource for any organisation. Thus, developing the technical, managerial and leadership capacity of our staff is key to our growth as we enter a new phase of excellence. In this regard, we are exploring the possibility of developing a centre of excellence to enhance and redevelop capacity for staff in audit standards and methodology, information technology and other skills necessary for optimum performance in discharging our mandate.

We look forward to your continued support and goodwill towards OAG’s firm commitment in delivering its mandate.

 FCPA Edward R.O. Ouko, CBS

Auditor-General, Kenya


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